Montana High School Rodeo Association


The Montana High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) is one of the 41 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and Australia that is involved in the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA)

Founded in 1947 by Claude Mullins, there are currently 12,500 students in the NHSRA competing in over 1,100 sanctioned rodeos every year. MHSRA members compete at the state level for local recognition and the top four contestants in each event then qualify to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo held in July. At the NHSFR over 1,500 contestants compete for national titles, awards and scholarships. By being a student member of the MHSRA, contestants also have an opportunity to be awarded college scholarships and scholarship assistance for continuing their educational careers. The NHSRA is an independent student athletic association that relies on the financial assistance of sponsors. For more information about the MHSRA, follow the links on the left and contact any of the directors or secretary.

Montana Musings

Entry office phone:  406-276-3782 for High school


ATTENTION CUTTER AND COW HORSE CONTESTANTS:  DO NOT enter your rodeo events in the Cutting/Cow Horse.  If you do, you will not be entered in the rodeos.  The rodeos and cutting/cow horse all have different numbers and are different events. If you are entering both, you will have to enter 4 different times, once for each cutting/cow horse, and once for each rodeo.


REMINDER: If you want to enter State Finals, you have to sell 30 raffle tickets, and have them in to Stephanie Johns by April 30th.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR TICKETS WEIGHED AT THE POST OFFICE SO THEY ARE POST MARKED, AND HAVE THE RIGHT POSTAGE. IF YOUR TICKETS ARE NOT POST MARKED AND ARE RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO ENTER STATE FINALS. Raffle Tickets can be handed in at the Butte rodeo and the Three Forks rodeo. Nancy Everson or Lisa Lappe will be there to pick them up.  Laurie Harrell will be in Cascade to pick up tickets.


High School State finals for Baker website: 


This is the site you will go to for information on stalls, camping, check in times.

Contestants:  You have to send in your online, or mail, your pre-registration forms in order to get your 2 free companion passes!

State finals Information letter is on the forms page under the rodeo catagory. please Print this letter off. Letters will be availible at the rodeos but will not be mailed out this year.  


JR. HIGH STATE FINALS:  Letters with pre-registration forms will be mailed out the 1st week in May.  A copy of the letter and the Pre-Registration Form will be put on the website also, under "Forms".  Pre-Registration Forms, with payment, will get mailed to Miller's Horse Palace.


Rule Changes from Mid Winter meeting:

At the National Mid Winter Board Meeting in January, some National Ground Rules were changed.  These changes will take place at the 2016 High School and Jr. High State Finals, and the National High School and National Jr. High Finals Rodeos.  These changes are up under "Forms" and then under "Ground Rules".  Read them before State Finals!

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!  Phone entry times are for help finding Partners and helping with any problems entering only. Call in and Call Back times have been shortened from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Online entries will be open 20 days before the phone entries, so there is plenty of time to enter.  If you are unsure about online entries, call Lisa at 925-2252, or Laurie at 464-2686, and they will walk you through it.  If you Turn Out of a rodeo, you will be marked as "ineligible" on Monday morning, and you will be unable to enter rodeos until you get that Turn Out paid.  The State Offices will be able to take credit card payments for those Turn Outs, until 4:00 pm on that Monday.  ALSO - IF YOU ARE INELIGIBLE, YOUR NAME, EVENT POINTS, AND ALL AROUND POINTS WILL NOT SHOW UP ON THE WEBSITE.  YOUR NAME WILL ALSO DISAPPEAR OUT OF THE RODEO RESULTS.  YOUR TIMES/SCORES, AND POINTS FOR THAT RODEO WILL BE THERE, BUT WITHOUT YOUR NAME.  AS SOON AS YOU ARE ELIGIBLE, THEY WILL BE BACK UP ON THE WEBSITE.

FOR ONLINE ENTRIES - Hit the "Online Signup" button at the top right corner on the Home Page.  For Jr. High entries, select "Jr. High".  For High School Entries, select whichever District you are from.  If you are District 2, and select that you are from District 5, your name WILL NOT show up.  You then need to put in your membership number.  If your number is MT0002, you only type in "2".  Your District number and membership number are all listed under the "Eligibility" list. After you select what District you are from, and entered your membership number, hit "Submit".  Your name and email will appear, along with "That's me!".  Click on "That's Me!", and below that will appear all the rodeos that are open for online entries.  All the rodeos open for online entries will show up no matter what District you are from. Click on the rodeo you want to enter, and then you will mark the events you want to enter at that rodeo.  REMEMBER, only 1 partner can enter a team in the team roping and ribbon roping.  If you try to enter in the team roping or ribbon roping, and it won't let you, that means someone has already entered you.  When you have all your events checked, at the bottom of the page is the "Save" button.  Save your entries, and do the same for the other rodeos you want to enter. Once you have entered a rodeo, that rodeo will disappear to you, and you will be unable to go in to that rodeo and enter again.  If you forgot to enter an event, you will have to call in on phone entry day to enter that event.


There is a Point System Proposal up, under "Forms".  Read it and talk to your State Directors. Tell them what you think about it.


OFFICIAL 2016 SPRING RODEO SCHEDULE:  Up under "Forms", and then under "Rodeo".

April 30, 2016 - 30 Raffle Tickets due in to Stephanie Johns to be eligible to enter State Finals

DISTRICT 4 Meeting: Saturday, April 30, 2016 inThree Forks, after the rodeo, in the grandstands.

DISTRICT 1 Meeting: Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Jordan, 1/2 hour after the High School Rodeo.

DISTRICT 3 Meeting: Sunday, May 15, 2016 in Shelby, 9:30 AM, before the Rodeo.

DISTRICT 5 Meeting:  Saturday, May 14th, in Deer Lodge, 1/2 hour after performance.

DISTRICT 2 Meeting: Saturday, May 21st, after the Forsyth Rodeo.

Jr. High State Finals, June 3-5, 2016, Miller's Horse Palace, Laurel, MT

High School State Finals, June 7-12, 2016, Baker, MT

Jr. High National Finals, June 19-25, 2016, Lebanon, TN

High School National Finals, July 17-23, 2016, Gillette, WY

Looking for someone

If you are needing a Team Roping or Ribbon Roping Partner, call Lisa at 925-2252, or Laurie at 464-2686.  Give us your information (name, number, and whether you head or heel), and we will put you on the website.

Iriey Anderson (High School) is looking for a heeling partner for Kalispell, and spring rodeos.  Call 239-3621.

Kamryn Fitch (Jr. High) is looking for a heeler for the spring rodeos.  Call 581-1496.

Robert Rider (High School) is looking for a heeler for the spring rodeos.

Katelynn Wagner (High School) is looking for a heeler for the spring rodeos.

Mattie Mastel (Jr. High) is looking for a heeler for the spring rodeos.  Call (701) 279-5427.

McKinnon Little: Needs a heeler for all spring HS rodeos. Call (406) 890-5389

Brock Bowen:  (Jr. High)  Needs a heeler for spring rodeos.  Call (406) 794-1863.

Ellie Meeks:  (Jr. High)  Needs a partner for Ribbon Roping for the spring rodeos.  Call (406) 737-4312.

Will Heptner: is looking for a team roping partner. Call (406) 338-3405 for the spring rodeos.

Tori Yeager:  (Jr. High)  Is looking for a Ribbon Roping partner for the spring rodeos.  Call (406) 466-2931.

Cheyanne Carl:  (Jr. High) Is looking for a Ribbon Roping partner staring in Three Forks.  Call (701) 770-7402.

Shanae Johnson:  (Jr. High) Is looking for a Ribbon Roping partner.  Call 590-3691.

Cole Trexler:  (Jr. High) Is looking for a team roping partner for Deer Lodge, Darby, and Missoula.  Call 546-8446.