Montana High School Rodeo Association

The National High School Rodeo Association has records of its past champions at the NHSFR dating back to 1949. The following is the history of Montana champions at the National High School Finals Rodeo and other interesting information.

All NHSRA members are eligible to submit entries each year for the NHSRA Art Contest. Contest rules require that the entries be in a vertical format and in any medium which can be easily reproduced in a print shop. Winning entries may be used on the cover of the Souvenir Program for the National High School Finals Rodeo and the winners receive a $500 college scholarship.

Each year at the National High School Finals Rodeo, a volleyball tournament is conducted between the states. Competition usually is conducted on Monday and Tuesday afternoon during the NHSFR, with the tournament champions being crowned late Tuesday afternoon.

All-Around Boy

1961         Ron Sanford

1960         Billy Brown

1960         Denny Wall

1957         Jess Langston

All-Around Girl

1996         Rachael Myllymaki

1995         Rachael Myllymaki

1962         Dixie Reukauf

1953         Carol Buckli

1952         Carol Buckli

Bareback Riding

1963         Skip Joseph

1960         Denny Wall

Barrel Racing

1980         Lisa Sheffer

1965         Carol Doris Daley

1953         Carol Buckli

1952         Carol Buckli

Bull Riding

1960         Kimball S. Gall Utah

1960         Denny Wall

1953         Lloyd Pickett

1952         Ron Norman

Girls Cutting

1953         Jane Kinney Louisiana

1953         Karen Vischer

1952         Nancy McLean

Goat Tying

2007         Niki Baumann - Jr. High

2006         Kate Sharon

Pole Bending

2004         Haley Anderson

1960         Dixie Reukauf

1960         Dixie Reukauf

Saddle Broc Riding

2017 2019 Houston Brown 2017 National Champion

2016 2017 Sage Newman

2001         Jarrett Monroe

1999         Jeff Cavey Arizona

1999         James Cole

1964         Tom Larsen

1957         Jess Langston

Steer Wrestling

1960         Gary Murphy

1959         Lyle Woosley

1953         Dan Fraser

1952         Allan Olsen

Boys Cutting

Breakaway Roping

2017         Cole Trexler - Jr. High Boys

2008         CaDee Tew

Calf Roping

Team Championships

1962         Montana Team

1961         Montana Team

1960         Montana Team

1952         Montana Team


2016 2017 Opal Harkins

1993         Jaime Shepard

1952         Kari LiKuhr

Past NHSRA Student Officers

2015 2016 Shelby Rasmussen President

2011 2012 Hanna Heckman Secretary

1961 1962 Denny Wall President

1957 1958 Jess Langston Vice President

1953 1954 Carol Buckli Secretary

1952 1953 Nancy McLean Vice President

                Phyllis Brown Secretary

NHSRA Student Athlete National Champion

2011 2012 Wyatt Lytton Boys

National High School Rodeo Sites

1977         Helena Montana

1959         Lewistown Montana

1952         Augusta Montana

Secretary of the Year

2005         Danna Harrison

Art Contest Winners

2008         Lexy Rianda

2006         Matt Wznick

2001         Ashli Anderson


NHSRA Jr High Student Athlete National Champion

2016         Garris Robertson

2015         Willy Lytton

NHSRA Jr High Equine Athlete National Champion

2015         Willy Lytton - Horse "Duke"

National Jr High Boy All Around

2014         Kal Fuller

National Horse of the Year

NHSRA Equine Athlete National Champion

2016 2021 Willy Lytton 2016