Montana High School Rodeo Association

                       MHSRA Crisis Fund



The Montana High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) has as its charitable and educational purpose the promotion of high school rodeo on a state wide scale for eligible high school students.  It is the purpose of the MHSRA to promote the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship at sponsored and sanctioned rodeo events and to encourage participants in this sporting event.

The MHSRA Crisis Fund has been established from the excess of funds that the MHSRA State Finals Host Committee from Bozeman had.  This committee hosted the MHSRA State Finals Rodeo for 5 years and when they dissolved their Non-Profit Committee those excess funds needed to be given to another Non-Profit.  So, this committee asked MHSRA if the funds could begin a Crisis Fund.  There are currently 2 Bozeman Host Committee members, 1 MHSRA member parent, the MT NHSRA National Director and 1 MHSRA State Director that make up this committee.

The Board finds that the purpose of the MHSRA will be furthered by the establishment of a "crisis fund" to assist in selected cases when a crisis may occur after an injury.

Therefore, a segregated fund to be known as the MHSRA Crisis Fund (the Crisis Fund) is hereby established under the following terms, conditions, limitations and restriction.



In order to be eligible for a discretionary grant from the MHSRA Crisis Fund, and applicant must fulfill the following conditions:

1.  Be a member in good standing of MHSRA, having fully paid his or her dues and rodeo event entry fees.

2.  The injury or death for which a grant is requested from the Crisis Fund must have occurred during an MHSRA sanctioned rodeo performance or in immediate act of competing or getting prepared to compete.

3.  The applicant must not be in violation of any MHSRA rules or regulations at the time of such injury or death.

4.  The applicant must be a member in good standing of the applicant's state or province high school rodeo association which association must be fully affiliated with the MHSRA.



A grant requested by the applicant or the applicant's representative must be for, but not limited to:

1.  Medical expense incurred for treatment by medical doctor, dentist, chiropractor, registered nurse, licensed therapist, funeral expenses and/or hospital expenses.


                                 CONDITIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES

In making its grant decision, the Crisis Fund Committee shall take into consideration all circumstances considered relevant in its sole discretion:

1.  Such grant shall be paid to, or on behalf of, such eligible participant as soon as practical after application and approval by the MHSRA Crisis Fund Committee.

2.  It is understood that such grants are totally discretionary by the Crisis Fund Committee and are subject to such application forms, rules, regulations, standards or requirements as made from time to time and to be adopted by the executive committee. 

3.  The Crisis Fund may be terminated at any and for any reason or no reason solely in the discretion of the MHSRA Board and Crisis Fund.

4.  The Crisis Fund Committee shall act as a crisis review committee.  The MHSRA shall have authority and discretion to grant in a summary fashion with formal application an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars subject to the funds being available in the Crisis Fund.  The Crisis Fund Committee may allow additional grants from the Crisis Fund in their sole and only discretion, but a Crisis Fund Grant shall in no event exceed $500.00, subject to the funds being available in the MHSRA Crisis Fund, to any single eligible participant.

5.  Grants shall not be made from the MHSRA Crisis Fund for property damage such as injury or death of animals, damage to vehicles, trailers, stock, tack, or other equipment.

6.  It is understood and agreed that the Crisis Fund is not insurance of any kind but rather a total discretionary grant that may be made to, or on behalf of, an eligible MHSRA participant injured or deceased as provided for herein.

7.  The Crisis Fund shall be a segregated fund and budgeted and accounted for separately from all other National High School Rodeo & MHSRA funds.

8.  Contributions may be solicited from sponsors and others to the Crisis Fund but in no event shall a contributor have any authority or discretion as to the conditions for, restrictions, on or any other matter having to do with the grant of the funds.  Such authority is totally discretionary with the MHSRA Crisis Fund Committee.  Such contributions from any form of sponsor or contributor or fund-raising activity are non-commissionable donations on the part of any NHSRA & MHSRA staff member or board of directors.

9.  No part of this fund may be used for any political purpose or in support of any political office.

10.  The Crisis Fund shall be available from and after the date of its adoption by the MHSRA Crisis Fund Committee & MHSRA Board.

11.  The MHSRA Crisis Fund Committee may amend any term or condition of the Crisis Fund or terminate the same entirely.

12.  This MHSRA Crisis Fund will never be allowed to fall below $15,000.00 at any given time.  This amount is the original deposited amount from the State Finals Host Committee from Bozeman.


The Crisis Fund application can be found under "Forms" and then "Crisis Fund".